Woman Tattoos: A Symbol of Independence

Full Body Woman Tattoo

Woman tattoos are truly a symbol of independence as these best represent their freedom to roam, their spirit and their pride. This is the main reason why tattoos for women are becoming more popular at the present times. The spread of tattoo designs is also common and there is an opportunity to see those cute tattoo designs coming from professional artists.

Apart from it, woman tattoos are beautiful in the sense of placement, creativity, composition and brilliant colors. Tattooing among women was already popular in the ancient times. They already prefer getting tattoos due to social acceptance problems. Some of them got only one while some keep it just in a hidden spot. Continue reading Woman Tattoos: A Symbol of Independence

Safety Tips for Woman Getting Tattoos

“It is true that getting a tattoo really hurts. That is the main reason why you need to consider a few of the simple safety tips and especially if you are a woman getting tattoos.” -Tattoo Artist and owner of Hawaii Plumbing

Woman Getting Tattoo

Tattoo safety for women is a must thing to consider. And thus, this must be entirely focused on by anyone who is seriously after getting tattooed.

If you are one of those women who is set on a new tattoo, be sure considering a few of these precautions:

  • Look for a tattoo artist and make it sure that he or she uses “throw-away” kits that are individually dated, packaged and sealed. Apart from it, be sure to have those kits with disposable tubes and needles.

It is also a rather good suggestion for you to rely on a tattoo parlor that is fully licensed. One should also have a great experience in regard with this matter and if it means finding a licensed shop, then go for it. Continue reading Safety Tips for Woman Getting Tattoos

Pain is Pleasure: The Painful Areas for Women to Get a Tattoo On

Female Painful Tattoo Areas

Tattoos are considered to be unique and impressive masterpieces wherein women can best express their passion and creativity. These are also sometimes considered as tributes to something or to someone special in their lives.

On the other hand, tattoos for women are not actually free from pain. While there are some parts of the body that can bear the excruciating pain, other areas of the body are still incredibly painful.  For you to be fully prepared enough, better to discover the areas that are painful to get a tattoo on.

Here are the lists of some of the painful areas for women to get a tattoo:

  1. Middle Leg or Knee

Continue reading Pain is Pleasure: The Painful Areas for Women to Get a Tattoo On

Woman Tattoos: A Symbol of Woman Empowerment

Tattoos are well known in the world of men; however, if individuals will take a closer look, women have also seriously made their own world. During the earliest years of tattooing, women are the first ones pushing away the flash collections in order to reclaim more customized or personal ink art pieces. They actually helped it to become more mainstream, more respected and more artistic. Tattoo art veterans know that their success is something that they owe to women.

Nowadays, majority of tattoo artists say that most of their clients are women. Surveys revealed that about 23% of women in US alone are tattooed while only about 19% of men are inked. Numbers continue to increase over the year and woman tattoos are becoming options by many women since they believed these to symbols of empowerment.

Woman Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Woman Tattoos in Today’s Modern World 

In today’s modern and Continue reading Woman Tattoos: A Symbol of Woman Empowerment

The Evolution of Women and Tattoos

Written By Mobile Mechanic Company Owner (Christy C.)

Bravery and the ability to bear pain were important in the early cultures as members had to protect themselves and their tribe against other tribes as well as wild animals. Since men eons ago were basically hunters, strength and courage were considered the attributes of a true-blooded male. To express these characters, tattooing was the answer as the process is commonly long and painful. Early men endured the painful process of getting a tattoo to test their courage and to prove that they are fit for fighting. Now how about women? When did the evolution of women and tattoos begin?

Between the 1940s and 50s, it was considered taboo for women to get a tattoo. It was only men that time who were allowed to get a tattoo for themselves in a variety of designs and sizes. From objects to faces and animals, men were given the ultimate freedom of choosing whatever design they like for their tattoo. As time passed by, the society has adapted and started to embrace the concept of tattoos on people other than men. When “freedom of expression” as well as “free love” was held dearly during the 1960s to seventies, both men and women have demonstrated their anti-war viewpoints through getting tattoos to express themselves.

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The History of Woman and Tattoos

Tattoos played a vital role in rituals and tradition during the ancient times. Women living in Borneo used artistic tattoo symbols usually in their forearms. These tattoo symbols signify their skills. During the ancient times, women wear symbols showing that they are skilled weavers and their status will then be considered as major marriageable materials.

Tattoos are also placed around the fingers and wrists to ward off illnesses. Throughout the history of woman and tattoos, there have been signified members in societies and clans. Ancient people also believed that women with tattoos of particular design or image are calling the spirits maybe for protection and other purposes. Historically, the word “tattoo” was derived from Tahitian word “Tatu” which simply means “to mark something”. The practice and art of tattooing is said to come into existence since 12,000 years BC.

Woman With Tattoos (Historical)

The Purpose of Tattoo and Its Spread to Many Different Civilizations 

The purpose behind woman tattoos Continue reading The History of Woman and Tattoos

The Pink Ink Of Tattoos

What are tattoos symbolically? Art, a story, an expression, a story,…a symbol…etc.

Formally tattoo ink was black and predominantly was mainly for men. Today, tattoos are able to be inked with all types of colors. But, here the Pink represents woman.

This blog is dedicated to the beautiful inked woman of the world. It’s no longer black, there’s another complexity that we, the woman, bring into this world. Stay tuned for the beauty, pleasure, expression, and knowledge base of Pink Of The Ink!