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The Evolution of Women and Tattoos

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Bravery and the ability to bear pain were important in the early cultures as members had to protect themselves and their tribe against other tribes as well as wild animals. Since men eons ago were basically hunters, strength and courage were considered the attributes of a true-blooded male. To express these characters, tattooing was the answer as the process is commonly long and painful. Early men endured the painful process of getting a tattoo to test their courage and to prove that they are fit for fighting. Now how about women? When did the evolution of women and tattoos begin?

Between the 1940s and 50s, it was considered taboo for women to get a tattoo. It was only men that time who were allowed to get a tattoo for themselves in a variety of designs and sizes. From objects to faces and animals, men were given the ultimate freedom of choosing whatever design they like for their tattoo. As time passed by, the society has adapted and started to embrace the concept of tattoos on people other than men. When “freedom of expression” as well as “free love” was held dearly during the 1960s to seventies, both men and women have demonstrated their anti-war viewpoints through getting tattoos to express themselves.

Women and Tattoos Way Back 

  • Winston Churchill’s mother had a serpent tattoo on her wrist.
  • In 1904, the first female tattooist, Maud Wagner traded a date with her tattooist groom for an apprenticeship.
  • During the 1980s, tattooing and cosmetic surgery became popular. Women tattooist turned soul doctors. Survivors of breast cancers had to cover their mastectomy scars through getting a tattoo instead of prosthetics or getting a reconstructive surgery.
  • The first tattooed white female in the US was Olive Oatman in 1858. She got this after being adopted and raised by Mohave Indians who gave her a cultural tribal tattoo.

Olive Oatman Face Tattoo

Tattoo is part of the history so as human race. It has a significant part in every major culture. From the Egyptians to the Romans, tattoos were present for different purposes. It is believed that Greeks learned tattooing from the Persians and as traders and travelers go around the globe, there started the art of decorating the body in other countries of the world like China, Polynesia, India and Japan.

At present, nearly anyone can get a tattoo without being condemned. Dads have them, moms have them, even doctors and teachers have them. Local and international celebrities have them too for different reasons. Some like it as it simply looks cool and fashionable while others like it for more deep reasons such as to commemorate their deceased loved ones. In fact in America, some people get a tattoo just because they like the way they look with it.

Tattoo is for everyone who likes to express themselves through ink. A woman in today’s culture is no longer forbidden to get a tattoo to whichever part of her body and on how much tattoos she gets. She has the whole liberty to express herself through tattoo.

Evolution Of Woman Tattoos

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