Tattoos And Woman Empowerment

Woman Tattoos: A Symbol of Woman Empowerment

Tattoos are well known in the world of men; however, if individuals will take a closer look, women have also seriously made their own world. During the earliest years of tattooing, women are the first ones pushing away the flash collections in order to reclaim more customized or personal ink art pieces. They actually helped it to become more mainstream, more respected and more artistic. Tattoo art veterans know that their success is something that they owe to women.

Nowadays, majority of tattoo artists say that most of their clients are women. Surveys revealed that about 23% of women in US alone are tattooed while only about 19% of men are inked. Numbers continue to increase over the year and woman tattoos are becoming options by many women since they believed these to symbols of empowerment.

Woman Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Woman Tattoos in Today’s Modern World 

In today’s modern and fast paced world where women are more empowered and given equal opportunities, even simple outlooks such as woman tattoos are changing. Today, increased numbers of women are getting tattoos as symbol of empowerment, feminism and strength. In some instances, it can be noticed that woman tattoos are also viewed to be strong and sexy.

Modern women are no longer afraid to be tattooed heavily. They even want bold woman tattoos that truly rock. There are times that bodies of women are criminalized and tattooing has been another pressure. Getting inked can be painful but women are also fighting back just to have the desired woman tattoos inked on their body. Women also use their body as symbol of pride. Women tend to establish tattoo –friendly businesses and communities. Indeed, women have essentially made a long journey with the art or practice of tattooing.

Woman, Ink, & Power

Women Get Inked for Empowering Reasons 

Now is the time when new symbols of women empowerment are reflected from woman tattoos. Women with tattoos are now being admired because of their strength and the message they wish to convey about themselves or their characters. Woman tattoos are said to be female-created symbols of power and determination. These tattoos are often inked in different parts of the woman’s body like arms, shoulders, lower back and more. These symbols of strength and femininity are now widely acceptable in the modern society. Woman tattoos are no longer concealed from view even on most conservative and corporate environments.

Women are no longer prohibited to getting a tattoo. More than art, woman tattoos are now symbols of empowerment. Women or gender empowerment means increasing the political, social, economic and political strength. Tattoos are the best forms of arts that can showcase women’s strength in many different aspects of life. Woman tattoos do not just symbolize empowerment in women but these also signify uniqueness in their character.

Tattoo artists are now serving increasing numbers of women who wanted to showcase themselves and reveal their strength. In this modern society, tattooed women are widely accepted and they  are being admired for their courage of letting their skin touched by the needles.

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