Painful Woman Tattoos

Pain is Pleasure: The Painful Areas for Women to Get a Tattoo On

Female Painful Tattoo Areas

Tattoos are considered to be unique and impressive masterpieces wherein women can best express their passion and creativity. These are also sometimes considered as tributes to something or to someone special in their lives.

On the other hand, tattoos for women are not actually free from pain. While there are some parts of the body that can bear the excruciating pain, other areas of the body are still incredibly painful.  For you to be fully prepared enough, better to discover the areas that are painful to get a tattoo on.

Here are the lists of some of the painful areas for women to get a tattoo:

  1. Middle Leg or Knee

The knee is not the most common place to sport an impressive tattoo. But, if you want for a complete leg piece, you may let your knee to get in contact with a sharp needle. This is an intense experience and you need to prepare as this is completely painful.

  1. Bikini Line

Can you imagine how painful it is to have your tattoo on the bikini line? When you have decided to have it on it, expect for intense pain. You will need to sacrifice from the pain until the tattoo piece is finished.

Painful Areas To Get A Tattoo: Feet

  1. Feet

Tattoos on the feet are becoming more popular these days. This is not only due to their incredible look but because they complement your pair of shoes, your sandals and your footwear.  But, tattoo makers also warn those women who want to have their tattoos on that part of the body. It can actually be a painful experience. With the thin veins, the bones and the skin of your feet, expect for a more intense pain.

  1. Middle Back

Have you observed that most women today have their tattoos at the bottom half or top half of their back? Did you ever think that there is common reason for such case? This is not mainly about cosmetic. Women tattoos located at the lower back, at the back shoulder and across the back really look nice but when it comes to the middle back it really hurts. So, if you don’t want to experience an intense pain, it is highly recommended for you to just stick with the bottom and top part your back.

Woman Face Tattoo

  1. Head

The head is not a common place for women to get a tattoo on. However, there are still some who still do it. If you have the strong gut of having your tattoo on your head, then be most ready of the extreme pain that you may experience. The head tattoo for women really hurts and this will leave you crying in pain.

These are just some of the common painful areas wherein women can get their tattoos on. With these parts in mind, it is rather an essential way for you to be aware of the intense pain.  You may experience the pain and the hurt but the tattoos are still worth it!

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