Woman Tattoo Safety

Safety Tips for Woman Getting Tattoos

“It is true that getting a tattoo really hurts. That is the main reason why you need to consider a few of the simple safety tips and especially if you are a woman getting tattoos.” -Tattoo Artist and owner of Hawaii Plumbing

Woman Getting Tattoo

Tattoo safety for women is a must thing to consider. And thus, this must be entirely focused on by anyone who is seriously after getting tattooed.

If you are one of those women who is set on a new tattoo, be sure considering a few of these precautions:

  • Look for a tattoo artist and make it sure that he or she uses “throw-away” kits that are individually dated, packaged and sealed. Apart from it, be sure to have those kits with disposable tubes and needles.

It is also a rather good suggestion for you to rely on a tattoo parlor that is fully licensed. One should also have a great experience in regard with this matter and if it means finding a licensed shop, then go for it.

  • Ensure that the artist will be wearing sterile disposable gloves for every client. And then, watch a procedure to ensure that unsterile equipment and surfaces are not touched by a tattoo artist. This is especially once the procedure has started.
  • Look for some signs of tattoo practices like dirty work surfaces, blood splatter and the absence of red disposal containers.

Tattoo Safety

  • You also need to ask more about the ink and where it was procured and manufactured. It is also a good idea to have an ink that comes from a big manufacturer. It is also a lot better if the artist has tried the ink on himself or herself.
  • Also, ask if the inks are manufactured from non-metallic organic pigments.
  • Ask your doctor about the signs of infection or rashes such as drainage of pus, swelling and redness.
  • Make it sure that the tattoo parlor is secure and safe. Consider a tattoo as like any other medical procedure. You must make it sure that a tattoo parlor is as clean as a dermatologist or dentist’s office.
  • Although it was already mentioned, ask more about the tools to be used. The needles must all be wrapped, sterilized and new. Even the ink must be in small-sized pots. And then, anything that touches your skin must not be reused.
  • Make it sure that the working area is free from any possible contamination from all items like cell phones and purses.

What To Do After Getting A Tattoo

Right After the Tattoo

It is best to take good care of your skin right after getting a tattoo that helps prevent infection. Right after the session, taking off your bandage is a must for 3 to 5 hours. Wash the hands with warm water and antibacterial soap. And then, wash your tattooed skin and pat dry using a cloth towel or paper towel.

Allow it to dry for five to ten minutes. Apply an ointment, Aquaphor or Vaseline. Repeat the process of drying, moisturizing and washing 3 to 4 times in a day. When the skin starts to shed a flaky or thin layer of skin, never ever pick or scratch at it. You may make use of a moisturizer and never let it get dried out.

Contact your doctor if the swelling or redness persists after several days. This is also true in the case that you have noticed a rash or a fever.

Practice Safe Tattooing

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